Episode 4: The Fourth is with You!

Hey Again! It’s Tuesday, so it’s release day! We’re rocking and rolling in this one, folks, so if you like us be sure to tell all your friends. If you’re not our friend on Facebook, why not? Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@2gms1mic) too!

This week’s topic “How to Pick a Game, and what to do when the game goes wrong.”

Episode 4


Qin: The Warring States

7th Sea



Deadlands Classic


Sorry Qin fans, I screwed up my Yin and Yang colors. White is Yang and Black is Yin.

Also, as promised: Chariots of the Gods


“Roll the Dice, Make my Day” by the Mustard Men
“Victim of the Blues” Tracy Nelson
“Bury Me” Girls Names
“It’s a Fight” Definne, Definne
“Moonlight Over the Spring River Lui Tsun-Yuen


7th Sea
GURPS 4th Edition
Geist: The Sin Eaters
Deadlands Classic
Castles & Crusades
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
Dresden Files RPG
Vampire: The Requiem
Star Wars D6
The Shadow of Yesterday
Trail of Cthulhu
Mortal Coil
Savage Worlds
Qin: The Warring States
Tropas Galácticas
Changeling: The Lost
Promethan: The Created


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3 Responses to Episode 4: The Fourth is with You!

  1. Ian Warner says:

    I only ever had one game balls up completely and that was Red Dwarf.

    Most of it was because nobody got the system least of all me.

    Then again the Bruce Campbell Wax Droid strapping a bag of high explosives to a horse then riding it towards the rest of the party didn’t help.

  2. 3rik says:

    I’ve never heared or read anything about d20, (A)D&D or Pathfinder that made me even want to consider trying them.

  3. joewolz says:

    I bought into the hype around 2000, but outside of C&C, I have no desire to play d20 games, really. I much prefer retro-clones to 3.x or Pathfinder. I’m personally not a fan of 4th edition D&D, either, but I’d love to hear someone describe how they run it.

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