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We are now on Stitcher!

You can hear 2 Gms 1 Mic on Stitcher! Stitcher is a really cool streaming podcast service for mobile devices.  Click the pic to get to Stitcher! “Stitcher allows you to listen to your favorite shows directly from your iPhone, … Continue reading

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The first half dozen! Six is here…

…and it’s a doozy!  In this episode, we discuss Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering by Robin D. Laws. We are both proponents of the advice in this book, and we hope you like our review of the book itself … Continue reading

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RSS Magic

I have been slaving away performing the correct rituals to appease the internet gods, and the fearsome master that is iTunes. They have accepted my sacrifice of not drinking beer this day in exchange for all of the episodes to appear on their most holy software. Thanks … Continue reading

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Episode Five: Pleading the Fifth

What’s up!? Here we go again, with aplomb. In this episode, we reveal the our screw-ups as GMs. We’ve all been there, right? Like any craft, GMing is perfected through making egregious errors. Want to share your screw ups with … Continue reading

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