Episode Nine: Rhyme Time!

Hey everybody, it’s another episode! This one’s about the accoutrements of GMing: the sorts of things every GM should have at their table. Not all groups or Gms require the same stuff, of course, but we tried to illustrate the sorts of thing that are always on our table! From screens to chips to pencils, we highlight a bunch of the random stuff that makes your life easier as a GM or player in our fantstic hobby.

Is there something on your table we didn’t mention? An indispensible something? Telk to us about it on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments section! Of course, if it’s something super secret cool, drop us a line at 2gms1mic@gmail.com

Episode Nine: Gaming Accoutrements

Episode Nine


GURPS Technomancer
Terra Primate
Bogeyman (There’s a good review here)


Director’s Cut: Survival Horror


Buttons! See the pictures on Facebook! We’ll have them with us at GenCon, so if you’re at the show stop buy and get a free button or so.

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William Harris!

Matt at Carthage!

Cigar Box dude!

Grenade Pins is the company that made our awesome pins.

This is why Joe doesn’t have a WoD GM Screen.

The Savage Worlds Customizable GM screen deserves a shoutout.

Josh explains the perks.

Joe and Nicky were both wrong, Chessex makes the Battle Mats Joe is talking about.

Nicky loves her Crystal Dice.

The Technomancer game pitch Joe mentioned used the opening scene from Monster by A. Lee Martinez.

Joe loosely based his Terra Primate game on Harry Turtledove’s Worldwar series. He also knows there are no apes in South America.


“Roll the Dice, Make my Day” (Mustard Men)
“Belle” (Park)
“Warrior Concerto” (The Glitch Mob)
“Black Coffee” (Vlad Solovjov)


World of Darkness
Hunter: The Vigil
Vampire: the Requiem
Castles & Crusades
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
Star Wars D6
GURPS 3rd Edition Revised
GURPS 4th Edition
Tough Justice
Fear Itself


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I am a co-host of 2 Gms, 1 Mic.
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9 Responses to Episode Nine: Rhyme Time!

  1. Ian Warner says:

    I have a nWoD mortals GM screen if you want to contact me.

    Not too fond of them myself and I’ve been meaning to offload my nWoD stuff.

  2. joewolz says:

    That saddens me Ian…but I understand why. Perhaps our fans would contact you for some stuff?

  3. Travis Rosenlieb says:

    My google fu fails me apparently, where can I find more of the artist that did the outro for the first break?

  4. 3rik says:

    While there may be no apes in South-America I have toyed with the idea of making a capuchin monkey (genus Cebus) template for Terra Primate. These monkeys are the smartest in the New World displaying long-term tool usage, using crushed millipedes as insect repellent and showing some signs of self-awareness. Their history as archetypical organ grinder monkeys and pirate companions also gives them plenty of reason to get back at humans once they develop human-level intelligence.

  5. Snapshot_Superhero says:

    Hey guys! I enjoyed this episode so much, I ended up listening to it twice, lol.

    I figured I’d drop some input on the various topics you discussed. I personally use the Savage Worlds GM screen which is great because you can really customize it to whatever game you are playing and it’s really easy to go out and find user created inserts for most popular games. The price tag is a little steep, but I was able to snag one from my LGS when it was going out of business for half off.

    I’m currently running my first foray into GM’ing a campaign with a Savage Worlds conversion of the Iron Kingdoms (about to start our first session this sunday!) Last time we got together, I was using a laptop behind the screen to pull up information quickly since I have all my books in pdf format and a copy of the one off adventure I was running. At first I was afraid it would be too cumbersome, but when I was packing up and one of the players said he didnt even know I had a laptop back there, I knew that it wasn’t going to interfere with my running the game. I think technology does have its place, but once it starts overshadowing the game, it’s too much.

    Another little tool I like using (simply for the quickness of it) is a Wheel of Raises (http://www.savageheroes.com/adventures/WheelOfRaises%20by%20Rappetou.pdf) for savage worlds. It’s a neat little cutout that you put together and it allows you to align the wheel with the target’s Toughness, to then quickly figure out how many wounds a particular damage roll caused. I’ve found it really speeds things up.

    I’m planning on using miniatures and a battle map for most of my encounters, mostly because my players are fairly inexperienced and I think will benefit from the visuals while running such an action oriented rules system like Savage Worlds, but I am curious as to your viewpoints on whether or not it is more beneficial for new roleplayers to lean one way or the other in regards to miniature usage.

    I’m really enjoying this podcast and I can’t wait to hear more. I’m hoping in the future you may be able to offer a few more opinions about the Savage Worlds ruleset since you don’t seem to play it, or maybe perhaps an episode on the strengths and weaknesses of the different popular rules sets and what sort of game or group each would lend themselves to.

    Anyways, thanks for the hard work!


  6. joewolz says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the episode, Ryan! We actually picked up SW at GenCon, so we’ll give it a go. We get a lot of feedback telling us to try it, and we have some pretty cool settings to try it out with (Necropolis 2350, Sundered Skies, and Low Life), so you’ll be hearing more about SW in a few episodes.

    We’re releasing our next episode on the 16th, so stay tuned!

    • Snapshot_Superhero says:

      I have a couple buddies of mine that played in a Necropolis campaign and they really enjoyed it. It’s a very gritty somewhat post-apocalyptic combat-heavy zombie fest. From what I’ve been told it’s super creepy which from what I’ve gleaned of your group’s preferences would be a lot of fun.


  7. As usual, I’m several behind. Some thoughts on what was talked about:

    Oddly enough, I don’t use a GM screen. I tend to make my own cheat sheets (Out of the sourcebook PDFs), but I’m also a laptop GM. I keep all the pertinent books open as PDFs and my cheat sheet PDF ready. I find I don’t actually need a lot of the charts that are on the GM screens. For example, the White Wolf screen gives 2 panels to combat, which we only use on extremely rare occasion.

    As far as miniatures go, for me it really depends on the battle system. I feel like some systems strongly need it for their battles. When I play a WoD game, I try and even keep rolling to a minimum (maybe 2 or 3 rolls per fight maximum) because I would rather talk through the narrative with the character. The only rolls from serious turning points and strongly contested moments. However, when playing Savage Worlds, I use completely detailed maps with miniatures because location and distance is so important. I find that the more powerful/supernatural the characters are, the less the miniatures are required. Imagination is superior for fantastical moments, but the more “humanness” in the NPCs in my Savage World world campaign really needed the numbers to drive home the limitations of characters.

    As far as electronics at the table go, I haven’t had a problem, my players usually just have their character sheets and character notes (I recommend they take their notes in the form of a character diary to stay more in character and better facilitate the memory recall of the situation when they re-read). Me, on the other hand, I organize ALL my notes on my iPad in “DM Toolkit” (Level 99 is a great company). That program has forever changed how I approach organization as a GM – and all my source books are on my laptop. I also tend to roll dice on my phone in Dicenomicon because I don’t like my players to know when I rolled something that changes the story. I found them listening for the dice to hit the table and expecting my response as an outcome of the dice and not as the truth of the narrative. If that makes sense, I don’t want them to blame the dice when it needs to be the forever truth. My table is technologied up.

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