Saturday Night Special

Hi everyone, as promised here is our GenCon Saturday Night Special!

We are joined tonight by Kurbis, Joe’s younger brother, and Epic, the star player of our regular gaming group.

This podcast was recorded in our motel room at the extended stay suites in Indianapolis. As a result, the quality is not quite up to par with our usual fare. Nicky and Joe would like to take this time to thank Nicky’s husband Chris for being a fantastic editor and Joe’s brother Stick Jones for being able to make us sound as good as we do normally.

Instead of regular show notes, I’ll end with a list of the games we’ve mentioned.

Part Time Gods
Ashen Stars
Book of Unremitting Horror
Fear Itself
Quack in the Box
Sundered Skies

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13 Responses to Saturday Night Special

  1. 3rik says:

    The link under “Remnants” leads to “Part Time Gods”.

  2. joewolz says:

    Nice catch, bud! The real link is

    I will fix the link in the show notes when we get home.

  3. Kingy says:

    First I’d like to say awesome show! Oddly I laughed my guts out about the Moose Knuckle Angry Fist!! IMO you guys should include Epic in more of your episodes aside from the Miniature podcast. Why? cause he’s The Gad Dam Batman, I mean The Epic!! no seriously with a name like The Epic how could you go wrong?
    I’ve recently just started listening to your show and you all have made me wanna grab my bag of dice and start playing again! 😉

  4. joewolz says:

    The show notes are fixed, Remnants leads to Remnants up in the notes.

    Welcome aboard Kingy! You’ll be hearing more of Epic in his new podcast.

  5. Ian Warner says:

    I’ll be sure to let you know about the minis I’ve commissioned once I have details. It’s not like you need minis for my games but they make a great novelty figure for a Wargame army 🙂

  6. joewolz says:

    Any of the Shadow World (is that the name of the line?) lines would be perfect for a Fear and Faith game…

  7. Ian Warner says:

    3 of the 10 comissions are Shadow World. A Chav, a Wizkid and a Bloodsucker.

  8. joewolz says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing them! I love miniatures…

  9. Hey, thanks for all the nice words about us in your podcast! I have officially subscribed to your site!

  10. joewolz says:

    I have a feeling your games are going to appear as favorites during the regular show. I’m glad you liked what you heard! I’m sorry I got some facts wrong about Remnants. I’ve read it now and am really looking forward to playing it.

  11. GB Steve says:

    I talked to the guys in the single colour body suits. Their explanation was disappointingly dull. They were wearing chromakey suits for FX filming ( Not for any reason except they thought they looked cool.

  12. joewolz says:

    Oh, well I suppose that;s a mystery solved. Why were there so many then? Perhaps it’s actually a conspiracy.

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