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Episode Sixteen: Mean and Green

Here’s one for the players! This episode is about giving some advice to our players. What kind of advice? Take a listen and find out! We love talking to players and GMs alike, so talk to us here, or on … Continue reading

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Episode Fifteen: New and Pristine!

In Episode Fifteen we are talking about how to satisfactorily end a campaign. We tend to run short campaigns, with a smallish scope (although we have saved the world a few times), that end when appropriate. There is nothing more … Continue reading

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Episode Fourteen: Interview with R.A. Salvatore

Hey everyone, as promised our interview with R.A. Savatore has been released on an off week. Many thanks for Mr. Salvatore for the opportunity! I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as we did. Episode Fourteen: Interview with … Continue reading

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