Episode Fifteen: New and Pristine!

In Episode Fifteen we are talking about how to satisfactorily end a campaign. We tend to run short campaigns, with a smallish scope (although we have saved the world a few times), that end when appropriate. There is nothing more satisfying than a great game, and nothing better than bringing a beloved campaign to a satisfactory end.

So..let’s END IT! But be sure to let us know about your own ending strategies via email, Twitter, Facebook, and in the comments!


Wild Talents 2nd Edition
Wu Xing
Bookhounds of London


Still playing our awesome Savage Star Basterds game! It is fantastic and still gobs of great fun!


Pop over to the Facebook page and vote on which of our favorite favorites games we should do a whole show on. Which one do you want a full-on long review on?

Hey, can we get some more feedback on what kind of promo dice you all would like?


BrianK! Thanks so much for the email, we hope this answers your question.

The Twitterers are awesome!



“Roll the Dice, Make my Day” (Mustard Men)
“The Honest Truth” (Typhoon)
“ETGaem” (Flux for Life)
“Selected Nine Inch Nails ReMixes by TweakerRay” (TweakerRay)
“Relax, Max!… music for stressed people” (Jako Jake)


Terra Primate
Vampire: The Requiem
Deadlands Classic
Star Wars
Dresden Files
Mutant City Blues
Castles & Crusades
7th Sea
Hunter: The Vigil
Book of Unremitting Horror


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11 Responses to Episode Fifteen: New and Pristine!

  1. In what way is the West End Games d6 system utilized in Star Wars a nightmare?

    • joewolz says:

      It was mostly the layout of the book that was nightmarish. The system felt a little lackluster to us, but the layout and organization of books from the early ’90s is atrocious. It became so difficult for any of us to find anything that we just switched systems. The switch itself was almost seamless, and Savage Worlds has been an almost perfect emulation so far!

  2. My votes for games to be turned into an episode:

    7th Sea – How does it hold up now, and are there any houserules that you guys use?

    Cthulhutech – It’s a game with a lot of promise, but the gimmicky dice rolling system was a little rough

    Hunter: the Vigil – I’m fascinated by the degradation mechanic where people make little concessions to their Morality.

    Mage: the Awakening – It’s not on the list but it’s my favorite game and I’d love to hear what you guys think about it

  3. Ron McClung says:

    Hello. New listener. I am not traditionally a PodCast listener but got connected to you through a friend on FB. I am a long time gamer – playing/GMing since 1985. See my web site for all the games I run. I also help run a gaming con and a sci-fi con here in Charlotte NC.

    Listening to episode 15 about properly ending a campaign and I am amazed at how you were able to set a “semester” limit to your campaigns. You must have had the most consistant players in the universe. Most of my 25 years of gaming, I usually ran every 2 weeks, so it was slow to begin with. My campaigns usually last 1 to 2 years, some longer. I shaped the session based on the players that were going to be there. If a key player was not going to be there, I would have a side adventure, for example. I have a lot of side plots and character involvement in the plots and if a certain part of the plot line was dependent on a player being there, then sometimes I had to wait until he was there to continue on the main story arch. I usually had an idea of an ending but not always when it was going to happen or how they were going to get there.

    I guess my problem is that I involve too many subplots. I tie each character’s personal history somehow in to the main story arch to give them further motivation and although fun, tend to slot things down. I like a lot of story.

    re: Star Wars d6 – d6 was the Savage World of its day. I ran in the 90s for YEARS … until d20 and then Lucas killed my passion for Star Wars in general. I have tried to go back and play the games I used to play in the 90s and yea, their structure is a little less thought out. I think d20 OGL set the new standard of structure and things are easier today. However, I would not call it a nightmare. d6 was great for its time and REAL easy to follow.

    • joewolz says:

      There’s nothing wrong with subplots Ron. Sometimes I’d like to try run a campaign for a year or three, but there’s just so much out there for me to settle for just one game!

      I think Nicky and I’s main issue with d6 was the fact that we didn’t grow up with it. I mean, I know GURPS backwards, forwards, and inside out because when I was 12 I devoured the 2nd edition books, and have every edition since. Whereas d6 was something that happened to other people 🙂

      It is laid out terribly, but quite well for the time. I don’t know who set the standard for clearer writing, but I think it has to with the ease of modern layout software making it easier to move large chunks of text. I don’t know though.

      Also, it’s not that we didn’t enjoy the system for its own sake: it was just too annoying to try to find stuff during play.

      • Ron McClung says:

        I understand about d6. I sold all my Star Wars stuff years ago, but still have the d6 OGL stuff that was released later. It still needs work.

        Right now, I am a True20 and Savage World fan.

  4. Gary says:

    One heck of a podcast guys. Keep up the great work!

  5. Gary says:

    Oh and I vote for Savage Worlds as the game with a podcast devoted to it.

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