Congratulations Brent Not Broken!

Our congratulations go to Brent Not Broken, the fan who correctly answered our contest question from episode 20! The question was “Which Scion power (from the Companion) did Joe not remember the name of? It allowed the PC to spend Willpower and Legend to ask the GM questions and receive straight answers. The answer of course is Axiom. Nice catch Brent! I hope you enjoyed your $10 for DrivethruRPG!


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I am a co-host of 2 Gms, 1 Mic.
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1 Response to Congratulations Brent Not Broken!

  1. Brent Not Broken says:

    Thanks once again! I used the $10 to pick up Hamlet’s Hit Points, which is every bit as good as Episode 20’s review describes it, so I have absolutely enjoyed the prize. I’d encourage anybody out there who is still on the fence to grab HHP and come discuss it with us on the forums.

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