Save the Date!

Watch this space for the newest episode! We will be releasing Season Two: Episode One on the 21st of February.


About joewolz

I am a co-host of 2 Gms, 1 Mic.
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3 Responses to Save the Date!

  1. mattmanxll says:

    Ooooo I can hardly wait! This is the closest thing to gaming I have here in Nashville Indiana. I am going NUTZ! Love season one and have them all saved so I can listen to them at will.

    Game on!

  2. Vincent_V says:

    Love your show. I just discovered it last weekend and finished listening to Season one in less than 4 days. Please keep going, it’s fun and interesting to listen to both of you. The Mix between reviews, tips and sessionreports is great and kept me listening for hours to your podcast. I also had to buy HHP after listening to your last show, I’m looking forward to read it after I finish Ron Edwards Sorcerer that I got last week from a fellowgeek.

  3. joewolz says:

    Thanks for listening! Season Two is totally on schedule for its release. We’re recording it next week, so it’ll have a quick turnaround. I hope you enjoy HHP, it’s a great book.

    I’ve never read Sorcerer, you’ll have to let us know how it is.

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