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Joe Reviews The C&C Classic Monsters Manual

Castles & Crusades is a game that inspires nothing but warm feelings for me. Nicky and I have had many successful games of C&C, there has been much beer drunk and many inside jokes created with C&C as our basic … Continue reading

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Episode Three: Combat Part Deux

In this episode, we revisit combat (having addressed it in Season One: Episode Eleven). In this redux of combat, we discuss how not to let the PCs walk all over their adversaries, as well as how to avoid Total Party … Continue reading

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Episode Two: Metagaming and Immersion

In this episode, Nicky and Joe talk about the difference between metagaming and immersion. We tend to focus on the mechanical side of the phenomena, but we give examples of games that facilitate either. Mostly, we’re giving you our perspective … Continue reading

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