Our forum is located at RPG Crosstalk, a fantastic website devoted to discussing all of the great RPG Podcasts out there.


4 Responses to Forum

  1. Matthew Endicott says:

    Oh my Gods! You guys are awesome. I am so far behind. I have to get the internet so I can catch up. This is the only outlet for my inner gamer. Hoping to get lucky (who ever thought that wold be used for gaming and not sex) soon. Miss the heck out of you guys. Game on!

  2. joewolz says:

    You should totally join the forum, Matt!

  3. Simon says:

    hi guys, you can thank Happy Jacks for a shout out that put me on to you guys. Love the podcast its now one of my regular podcasts. At the minute on episode 18 of series (season) 1 and got to say excellent content

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