Episode Thirteen: Terrible Teens!

This is our interview with Ian Warner of Postmortem Studios about his GMing, gaming in general, and of course, his wonderful games!

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Episode Thirteen: Interview with Ian Warner


Demon: The Fallen


We are the Rusty Trombone of Savage Star Wars.


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Mr. Gone’s character sheets are awesome!

The RPG Site has a neato thread on Star Wars, wherein Joe disagrees.


“Roll the Dice, Make my Day” (Mustard Men)
“Tired” (TRE3S)
“Easier Said than Done”(Rahsaan Patterson)
“Bond (James Bond)\xa077 remix” (Section 31)
“Relax, Max!… music for stressed people” (Jako Jake)


Tough Justice
Courtesans: Sex & Society
Courtesans: The Weird and the Wonderful
Bloodsucker: The Angst
’45 – Psychobilly Retropocalypse
Dungeon Slayers
Hellcats and Hockeysticks
Red Dwarf
Deadlands Classic
Deadlands: Reloaded
Savage Worlds
Tough Justice: Grim and Gritty
Chav: The Knifing
Call of Chavthulu
Wizkid: The Cheapening
Wraith: The Oblivion
In Nomine
Classic Spycraft
Shadowforce Archer


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2 Responses to Episode Thirteen: Terrible Teens!

  1. Ian Warner says:

    Great show guys.

    Here’s a free idea for Star Wars: Rabid Ewoks! Seriously Ewoks are scarier than they look. The cute disarms you but they eat sentients and managed to take out an entire Imperial division with sticks and stones. I wouldn’t be surprised if the empire had a poter campaign called WARNING: THIS IS NOT CUTE IT’S DEADLY!

  2. Joseph Fitts says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to let Joe know that Shadowforce Archer focuses a lot more on Psionics, with a little bit of DnD 4E ritual style magic. Both systems seem clunky based on a quick look over my copy of the book, and the magic really seems to be more for a big bad to face off against the party with.

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